Accelerated Free Fall

If you are interested in more than just a passenger flight and want to learn to skydive, the accelerated freefall course is something for you. Without any doubt this is the most popular form of instruction. This course will teach you everything you need to know about parachuting, both the theory and practice.
After the course, you take a plane ride to 13.000 ft (4.000m). With your two jumpmasters you leave the airplane.

You start by attending a full day course. This takes place at the drop zone and contains all the information to make a safe first jump. We will teach you the correct body position in freefall, how to open and steer the parachute, how to safely land under a parachute. You will also be taught the safety procedures to handle any emergencies you might encounter.
If all goes well and you have mastered the course material, you can make your first jump the same day, weather permitting.

After a plane ride to 4.000m you leave the airplane held by two jumpmasters. They will hold on to you during the entire freefall. They will help you correct your body position and assist you during freefall. After 50 seconds of freefall you open your parachute yourself. If you do not find your ripcord, one of the instructors will step in and assist you in opening your parachute.

If you liked this jump, you can go on and register for the full course. This consists of 7 levels. Each level contains learning objectives. If you execute the exercise correctly and attain the learning objectives, you can go on to the next level. If you succeed the seventh level, you can start jumping solo without an instructor. You are now a real skydiver.

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