Tandem jumping is the ultimate way to get acquainted with skydiving.

There are not that much requirements. From 12 years of age you can execute a tandem jump. You fill out a declaration of good health on the dropzone. You get a short briefing of about half an hour about the jump and you are ready to go. You are fitted in a special harness. This is hooked by 4 heavy duty hooks to the parachute harness of your tandem master.

After a 15 min flight to 4.000m you are ready to jump. After some last safety checks you leave the aircraft with your tandem master. After a sensational freefall of 50 seconds, the tandem master opens the parachute at 1.500m. This parachute is specially designed to carry two people. This is by far not the end of the jump. You fly for several minutes under this parachute, enjoying a beautiful panoramic view. You will even assist in steering the parachute. Your tandem master then will fly the parachute to a soft landing.

You do not need to take any special clothing. A protective jumpsuit is lent to you by the club. High heels are not permitted. In winter a pair of warm gloves are advisable as it can get quite chilly at 4.000m.
You can have your jump filmed by a freefall photographer. He will make a small documentary of the briefing, the flight and the jump and the landing. Still photographs are also possible.

Please allow for a few hours time to make the jump. To book a tandem jump, you can use the reservation form on the site.

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